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"VERTEX DIVA" is the fifth expansion pack of "WIXOSS ENGLISH EDITION".

It is related to TOP DIVA DECK DXM released at the same time. Deus and Machina from the new team DEUS EX MACHINA will appear as New Center LRIGs.

Alternative LRIG and more! 

Deus Ex Machina is not the only one! Akino (No Limit), LION (Card Jockey), Tamago (Uchu No Hajimari), Madoka (DIAGRAM) and At (Ancient Surprise) from the existing teams are all included as new Lv.3 Center LRIG! Innovative updates for all teams, not just the new team this time, and now a special  collaboration for this set! For the first time, renowned illustrator Naoki Saito, known for his NFT art, will be participating. His drawing "Team Palette" includes two special types of art.

VERTEX DIVA Release Campaign

Special Promo Pack vol. 4 with a foil card is included to commemorate the release of VERTEX DIVA! This time, 8 newly illustrated LV.0 LRIGs are included for the first time in the English version. In addition, a reprinted card of the popular SR SIGNI (different artwork) is included at a low rate.
Special Promo Pack vol. 4 is only available for the 1st printing.

Set Information:

- 94 Cards ※PI,SR are foil cards.
- PI(Piece Rare) 6 types
- SR(Super Rare) 12 types
- L(LRIG Rare) 25 types
- R(Rare) 19 types
- C(Common) 32 types*

- 87 Parallel Cards ※All foil cards
- DiR(Diva Rare) 8 types*
- SCR(Secret) 14 types*
- L(LRIG Rare) 14 types
- R(Rare) 20 types
- C(Common) 31 types

Booster Display Information:

- 8 Cards per pack
20 Packs per Booster Box Display
-12 Displays per Case

Cards vary by pack. Packs may vary by products.
12 Booster Display Boxes per case.

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