GLHF Games: The game store that treats you like an exclusive meeple, not a resource. 

GLHF Games is currently a small, solo mode endeavor. An online hobby store, started as a hobby! 

Why start an online hobby store? 

At the time of writing this, I've been in online sales for going on 5 years now mostly selling on 3rd party platforms. Over time, I've realized how "my business" has never truly felt like my own. Sure, there is freedom in what I would sell and the work hours I set, but without branding, it's never felt like  anything beyond being part of a faceless entity. Unfortunately, doing business in this way lead to very little interaction with customers, and left me with a lack of excitement for my business.

What are the long-term goals for GLHF Games? 

Eventually I hope to get GLHF Games into more than just the online market space. I love the hobby, and want to share it, grow the community, and teach others that there is more to games than what most of us grew up with! 

I want to establish an official Brick & Mortar location, but the goal is to make it more than just a Friendly Local Game Store. Like most people, I love good food! Since community, and food go so well together, I would love to turn GLHF Games into a Store / Cafe combo! What better way to expose people to the hobby than to entice them with delicacies, and have them sit amongst shelves of worlds just waiting to be explored?! 

What is my biggest fear as GLHF Games grows? 

Simple. That it would lose a personal connection with its customers. If this hobby is truly about community, then people have to be the primary focus!

My desire is that no matter which way GLHF Games goes or how big it gets, customers know they are cared for. It's not possible to please everyone at all times, and as a business margins have to be met, policies have to be enforced,  but it's possible to show care and compassion for others regardless of station or circumstance. 

Hence the motto: 
"The game store that treats you like an exclusive meeple, not a resource." 

- Jake 
GLHF Games