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"STANDUP DIVA" is the fourth expansion pack of "WIXOSS ENGLISH EDITION".

It is related to the 4 constructed "Diva Debut Decks" that have already been released.
Rei (No Limit), WOLF (Card Jockey), Nova (Uchu no Hajimari), and Sanga (DIAGRAM) will appear as the new Center LRIGs for each team! With the release of STANDUP DIVA, we finally have all four teams' Center LRIGs! The included cards in this set can be combined with all the cards from the decks and packs released so far.

A new game strategy is also being introduced with STANDUP DIVA! The new "Exceed" ability will allow you to utilize LRIG cards after GROW for powerful effects! There are also many other highlights such as the Piece Card, a special move that transcends team boundaries! You can play with your own strategy!

Set Information:

- 96 Cards ※PI,SR are foil cards.
- PI(Piece Rare) 6 types
- SR(Super Rare) 12 types
- L(LRIG Rare) 28 types
- R(Rare) 18 types
- C(Common) 32 types*

- 82 Parallel Cards ※All foil cards
- DiR(Diva Rare) 4 types*
- SCR(Secret) 12 types*
- L(LRIG Rare) 16 types
- R(Rare) 18 types
- C(Common) 32 types

Booster Display Information:

- 8 Cards per pack
20 Packs per Booster Box Display
-12 Displays per Case

Cards vary by pack. Packs may vary by products.

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