Weiß Schwarz - Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (REPRINT)

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A bittersweet story, in which we encounter several girls and their vulnerabilities.

Sign Card Information:

- Asami Seto (as Mai Sakurajima)
- Nao Toyama (as Tomoe Koga)
- Atsumi Tanezaki (as Rio Futaba)
- Maaya Uchida (as Nodoka Toyohama)
- Yurika Kubo (as Kaede Azusagawa)
- Inori Minase (as Shoko Makinohara)

Neo-Standard Deck Construction:
The cards in this Booster Pack may be used together with cards with card number beginning with 「SBY/」!

Special Items:

- 1 of 6 exclusive PR cards in every display box!

Products Specifications:

- 100 Types of cards + 32 types (Parallel)
- 8 Cards per pack
- 20 Packs per display
- 16 Displays per carton

Weiß Schwarz (English Edition) does not include gold/silver campaign coupon.
Booster pack packaging varies by product. Cards vary by pack.