Stuffed Fables - Oh Brother!

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Return to the endearing world of Stuffed Fables with the Oh, Brother! Expansion.

Years after the original story, the little girl from Stuffed Fables has a younger brother with a few stuffies of his own: Pokey the unicorn and muscular Manny, a headstrong action figure handed down from his father. Along with the original cast of stuffies, the two of them must protect the sweet little boy from the forces of the supernatural Fall. Patch up your holes and collect your buttons because things are about to get messy!


- 2 Character Cards
- 1 Storybook
- 73 Standard Cards
- 15 Plastic Figures
- 31 Tokens
- 1 Double-Sided Mini Map
- 1 Standee

Players: 2-4
Ages: 7+
Playtime: 60-90 Min.