Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Squatt & Baboo Character Pack

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“Squatt! Baboo! Where are you two cretins?! I'm furious! Come here so I can berate you!”  ―Rita Repulsa

Rita Repulsa’s most bumbling buddies have joined the fray. But don’t underestimate these two chuckleheads. Though they lack the sheer strength of Goldar or the creative genius of Finster, they make do with moxie and mayhem! It’s time for Squatt and Baboo to shine!


- 2 Monster Figures
- 16 Monster Enemy Cards
- 3 Monster Deployment Cards
- 1 Rulesheet 

This is an expansion. Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is required to play.

Players: 2-5
Ages: 14+
Playtime: 45-60 Min.