Namiji: Aquamarine

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In Namiji, you are fishers from the Japan of yesteryear, navigating south of the Japanese archipelago, a few kilometers from the famous Tokaido road. You will need to have a fruitful day at sea to win the game.

Aquamarine is the first expansion for Namiji. It contains all the stretch goals unlocked during Namiji's outstanding Kickstarter campaign: an additional game board, 6 cards, 2 tokens sets, an additional cloth bag and a booklet containing the expansion's rules and the Boats' stories.


- 1 Custom whirlpool board
- 3 Additional dock cards
- 3 Sacred rock cards
- 10 Special crustacean tokens
- 1 Rulebook + boats' stories
- 8 Rainbowfish tokens
- 1 Printed cloth bag

This is an expansion and will require a Namiji base game to play.

Players: 2-5
Ages: 8+
Playtime: 45+ min.