My Hero Academia - Crimson Rampage Deck Loadable Content

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My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game - Deck Loadable Content Series 2: Crimson Rampage

☆ New attack and foundation cards allow for even more deck variety.
☆ Pickup 2 DLC packs for a complete playable set of their iconic cards and maximize your options.

★ Players can expand their collection with new character versions of 1-A students Momo Yaoyorozu, Denki Kaminari, Eijrio Kirishima, and Yuga Aoyama!

A Deck-Loadable Content Pack contains:

- 20 Foil cards

Players will need to purchase two DLC packs to obtain a full playset of the cards inside. At least one My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game Rival Deck is needed to use the cards within.

6 DLC packs per inner case.