MetaZoo - Seance Tribal Deck

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As sunlight goes, the candles glow and fill the night with fire.
The ones we've loved, the ones we've lost, join the séance! 

Become a caster, and summon spells, cryptids, and artifacts to aid you in your fight against other casters. Be aware of your surroundings though! In MetaZoo, your environment on this side of the veil can strengthen or hinder even the most masterful of casters! 

A Tribal Deck includes: 

- 1 Foil promo card 
- 39 Pages (cards) preconstructed deck 
- 1 Metallic flip coin 
- 1 Metazoo: Cryptid Nation -- SEANCE booster pack 
- 1 Rulebook 

Cards vary by pack. Packs may vary by products.