MetaZoo - Nightfall Tribal Deck (Earth)

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Darkness falls, and in the cover of night, the darker Beasties find sanctuary... and prey to hunt.

MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation™ Nightfall brings a whole new and terrifying list of North American cryptids into the MetaZoo universe. Mothman returns, the Wendigo howls in the moonlight, and the Bell Witch cackles in the winter air. Contract these Beasties at your own risk.. for they could be your last.

Crush your opponents with the all new Earth's Binding page, a new core Nightfall card. Your opponents will stand no chance against the gargantuan might of the ancient Giants sealed away within this Spellbook!

Each Tribal Deck Contains:

- 1 Exclusive Nightfall Holographic Promo Card
- 1 Sealed pre-constructed deck
- 1 Official MetaZoo rulebook
- 1 Nightfall Booster Pack
- 1 MetaZoo metallic coin

Cards vary by pack. Packs may vary by products.