Kingdom Run

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Every 100 years in the Kingdom of Ewala, the king organizes a grand race between the various clans in the kingdom in order to decide who will succeed him. Who will win the crown?

In Kingdom Run, four athletes from each clan are ready to use their legs and…your brain! Strangely enough, the faster you are, the faster your opponent can be. More specifically, each step forward that you take means two steps forward for them…unless the gap between you is too big. Who will be smart enough to become the next king of Ewala?

In more detail, on their turn, a player rolls four dice that give actions they can do. (One reroll is possible for some of the dice.) You can chose to move your athletes forward, but you can also decide to move the other athletes instead so that you can go farther yourself! When a cell contains four people, it is full and the athletes that should have ended there will go one cell farther. That would be a convenient way to avoid the lake, wouldn't it, by placing only opposing athletes in the water...?


Players: 2-4
Ages: 7+
Playtime: 15-25 Min.