Clinic: Extension 2

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In Clinic: Extension 2, you will go even further in the realistic management of a clinic.

You will hire tireless stretcher bearers and you secretaries just out of school to help create efficiency in your building. The new Reanimation, Emergency, and Radiology departments will help you to welcome new patients. Pediatric Hubs will even let you provide the best of care for children. The ultra modern scanner, soft beds, and even the ever-important coffee machine will undoubtedly allow you to charge more for taking care of Patients. Still not satisfied? Hire yourself as a clinic director to manage staff more effectively and tackle the various events that will punctuate your games.

This box includes 13 expansion modules that can be mixed and matched with the base game and all extension boxes to create a huge amount of variety in your Clinic games!

This is an expansion and requires Clinic: Deluxe Edition to play.

Players: 1-4
Ages: 12+
Playtime: 60-150 min.